Why us

Because you can easily find SO MANY GOOD REVIEWS ABOUT US anywhere on the internet, like forums etc.

We offer to you many helpful services as for example free pick up service with our exclusive cars and a lot of other offers, simply read carefully these pages and save your money and time.

Because we have really sexy choice of our girls.

Because we never rip you off like many others!

Because we have the best friendly and relaxed atmosphere between all of the clubs and its known about us.
To create atmosphere and have naturaly nice but also sexy girls is our know how.

Shy men are also welcomed in our club, because when you come in, our girls will not directly "jump" on you like in others clubs....first our nice bar mates take care of you and you will see what do you like to do, you can use their help to make your choice, you can also to choose by yourself and if you only have drink and nice conversation with us and if you even in this case will be happy, we will be happy too. We will be looking forward to see you again than.

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