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Jerome [2015-07-26 00:43:38]
I represent a UK client who instructed a cross-border action against your co. from UK.

We have EU mandated jurisdiction to conduct hearings for cross-border disputes involving EU companies in the UK and should you ignore this you a default judgement will be issued which is enforceable in the Czech Republic.

Contact me on +44748 297 6573

Jerome Chancer
Senior Advocate
Urban Entrepreneurs (UK) Ltd
alan [2015-05-18 22:07:14]
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Norwegian1337 [2014-02-03 00:11:14]
Do The girls preform face sitting?
Norwegian1337 [2014-02-03 00:10:15]
Do The girls preform face sitting?
johan [2013-06-23 16:40:38]
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johan [2013-06-23 16:40:15]
is it possible to buy Viagra
gibbone [2012-08-28 23:43:18]
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albert [2012-06-05 22:33:38]
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vangelis86 [2011-09-10 13:43:04]
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gigi [2011-08-23 21:55:06]
avete camere per dormire e per consumare con le ragazze????

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